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While I fancy myself as a jack of all trades I am certainly a master of none - and that includes web designing. As such, please pardon the mess while under construction but be sure to come back occasionally to see what's new.

This little corner of cyberspace is mainly a central hub for my thoughts, rants, crafts, ideas, and writings. My ramblings are of my own opinion or playing devil's advocate. I may not always agree with something I'm writing about but I love to pose interesting questions and thoughts on particular topics just to see the other side of things. I love to hear input, feedback, and ideas from people but out-right attacking will not be tolerated. It will, however, be sent to appropriate authorities as necessary.
Disnerd, Movie Fanatic, Geek, Crafter, and more...
I love to craft and usually give the things I make away as gifts to friends and family. With the holidays approaching I am gearing up with some crafts to sell at my upcoming Craft/Garage Sale (click for details). If there's something that catches your eye let me know. Even if it's not exactly what you want let me know what you had in mind and I can likely customize whatever you're looking for.

I also absolutely love movies and can talk about movies, actors, and random trivia endlessly. I am also equally obsessed with Disney and am always filling my head with hidden treasures about WDW and always yearning for my next trip there. I'm a mild geek with interests that span several areas although I am not into Anime, Gaming, and a few other big geekdom areas - thus why I clarify that I'm mild geek.

I'm also a trans man who began this interesting journey a few years ago and each day is something new. I will be posting pride-related materials. Needless to say this is an LGBT page so intolerance, hate, and general nastiness will not be tolerated. Again, offensive content will be banned and/or reported as necessary.