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I’m not very good at this web designing stuff so please be patient while I build this site. It’s my little place in the cyberspace universe to share my movie thoughts/reviews/rants; share my articles that I blog through Transgender Universe;┬átalk about my transition; and, of course, I’m available to answer questions and help direct you to more information whenever possible. Generally, it’s just a lot of random stuff about or from me.

You can now also explore our new page for our new Center – the Transgender Resource Center of Long Island is now live. Donations are vital to the start-up and on-going operation of the center and now is a time we need all the help we can get more than ever before. Please explore our Center’s page and consider donating.

You can also check out the calendar section for events that I found to be cool, LGBT related, or ones that I will be personally attending.

If you have any direct questions or if you notice errors on the site please let me know.

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